Reality TV vs. Reality Teen Moms

I saw this online while searching for facts on Teen Mothers.. Thought I would share it with you guys.


What Makes a good Mother?

So, I was thinking….


I always get, “Are you going to be a good mom?” or “Do you really think you can be a good mom?”. These ‘comments’ have made me think, what really makes a good mother? Does age really matter? In my opinion I should think it should, I know many mothers: some young and some old and they both do the same heck of a good job! I also know many moms who have put their kids into foster care, cause they are to lazy to care for them, but then you have teen mothers. Who struggle to work and care for their young ones, and they scudded  So who then is a good mother?

So, what I’ve figured out is this:


A Mother will never be perfect, but she can be a good Mother. It’s not how rich you are, or how good you are with kids. Instead of everything else it’s how hard you try to be the best Mother that YOU possible can. If your poor, middle class, or rich they all can be the same, a good mother. Not one of them are better then the other. Do not judge a poor young mother who is RAISING her child, or any mother for that matter. Let her do her best!


A Crazy Life

My name is Autumn, at this current time I am 16 years old, will be 17 in November. I’m not your normal teen, I’m not a rich kid, or a spoiled kid, or an abuse kid. I’m just myself. I’m a pregnant 16 year old, yes I said pregnant right now, I’m about 1 1/2 months. I’m not here to be ‘awdd’ or share my ‘sob’ story, I’m here to grow and learn. I do enjoy writing I guess that is what lead me to starting this blog. I use to have a blog that I started with my mom a year or two ago, but just never did much with it. I’m hoping that I can put an hour or less a day into this blog in hopes that it will help me learn to become a better person. My family you could say is ‘sorta’ eco, I love music, and I love beauty and decorating.

So, I kinda hinted, or more like spilled what most of this blog is about. Its going to be my ‘journal’ open to the world about my journey though my ‘struggles’. I will share with you my hopes in becoming a great mother, and another honest friend on this earth that we share. I’m not going to put any names, except mine of course, of my blog. For the privacy of the people the person that came into my life and is talked about on one of my blog posts. Please give me time to learn the in and outs of blogging and everything that comes with it.  As I’m sure you know, if you do or even don’t have a blog, how hard it is and the effort it takes. Thank you for listening to this entry post and I hope that you will enjoy reading this blog and much as I will enjoy writing for you.

~Autumn Dawn~